Non Conductive Glue

Non Conductive Glue is handy in our every day lives. When you are in the need of electronic product repairs you will need conductive glue. With conductive glue, you are able to transmit electricity through the glue bond. These bonds are permanent so it is crucial that you are sure of what you are gluing together. However, for all other gluing cases that do not require an electrically conductive permanent bond, non conductive glue can do the job perfectly.

Many non conductive glues are classified as NCA or non conductive adhesives. This means that the glue that you are using will not conduct any electricity through its bond. That is why it is crucial that you avoid using non conductive glue on electronic products as you may ruin the product. Only use non conductive types of glues for products which do not need an electric current running through its bond. You will notice that this type of glue is very easy and fast to use. The temperature of the glue can range anywhere from 80 degrees Celsius to 180 degrees Celsius. The time that it takes to create a glue bond is anywhere from 10 seconds to 90 minutes.

What is amazing about non conductive glue is that there are different types of glue flexibility. You can have a super strong hold from super glue while you can have a more flexible hold with rubber cement. This gives the user options when it comes to gluing. Some people require a strong bond but not necessarily a permanent bond, while other people do require a permanent bond. The time it takes to dry is another factor. Some artists prefer to use glues that take a long time to dry in case they make a mistake or want to change their project around, while other people are in need of a quick drying solution glue. In these cases the non conductive glue choice is up to you!

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